Hi and welcome to Taringa's little hidden gem! While Yuet Wah Chinese Restaurant was tucked away for the past 40 years flying under your radar, in April 2021 we finally renovated! 

A transformation or metamorphosis if you will, into the cozy and modernised shop you see today. Now trading as Little Rice Bowl Restaurant, we welcome you with open arms.

Yuet Wah restaurant
Yuet Wah restaurant
Little Rice Bowl restaurant

Little Rice Bowl Restaurant had plenty of time to fine-tune our old and new recipes alike so they'll fit any palate on the planet. If you've got a thing for good old-fashioned wok-cooking our menu will be like music to your ears. 


From our westernised favourites we also have a handful of authentic Chinese & Cantonese dishes to suit your tastes. Our food is best enjoyed shared so be sure to bring your family and friends to enjoy together!