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2023 New Additions Delights!

Exciting Culinary Journey: Unveiling Our New Menu Delights! 🍽️

🥩 Sizzling Black Pepper Steak with Noodles 🍜

🔥 Brace yourself for a sizzling sensation like no other! Our newest star, the Sizzling Black Pepper Steak with Noodles, features tender wagyu beef slices wok-tossed to perfection. Imagine the aroma of succulent onions, vibrant green onions, and earthy mushrooms dancing in harmony with the bold allure of black pepper. Every bite is an orchestra of taste, a symphony of textures that transports your taste buds straight to flavor paradise.

🌿 Green Curry Delight 🌶️

Prepare your taste buds for an epic adventure with our latest creation, the Green Curry Delight. This aromatic Thai classic is an enchanting fusion of spices and flavors. Picture this: tender chicken, succulent beef, wholesome tofu and veggies, or the luxurious opulence of king prawns, all enveloped in the delightful essence of green curry. It's a gastronomic voyage that's nothing short of extraordinary.

For our devoted entrée enthusiasts, we've turned the spotlight on you. Brace yourself for an exciting change – our cherished small portion entrées now grace your table in sets of 4! Dive into an extravaganza of flavors and textures, perfect for sharing with friends and family. Let the conversation flow and the joy of relishing diverse flavors take center stage.

📢 Your presence matters, and we can't wait to share these sensational flavors with you. Gather your friends, family, we believe that a meal is more than just sustenance; it's a journey that brings people together.


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